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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Can You Train a Horse to Roll Over?

Baron was one of the horses Bob worked with that day. Julie Robins gave some volunteers instructions on how to be safe when working with or around horses.  

There were about 6 horses and volunteers in the ring working to develop manners for our four legged friends.  We learned how to make a horse move, backup and stay out of our space.  


Baron had a mind of his own and being young he didn’t listen all the time.  

After a while, Baron started lifting his leg and hitting the ground, Bob asked someone why was he doing this, since our horse experience was zero.  She said he was bored or was going to go down and roll in the sand.

As Baron decided he had enough of school that day he went down and started rolling all around. It's quite a sight to see if you've never seen such a big animal roll around on his back! My husband stood there and just kept saying "Roll Over Baron" and said to the rest of the volunteers "See what I taught him to do!"  

Bob and I were at Aiken Equine Rescue today and saw the owners of Baron take him away to his forever home. How wonderful for him and a little sad for us.

Sorry to see you go Baron but you deserve a wonderful life as do all the other horses there. at the rescue. As one horse leaves, hopefully there is room for another life to be saved in its place.

The beauty and tranquility of the rescue gives us a sense of peace.  You don’t have to know anything about horses to volunteer there, we certainly didn’t.

Who ever thought my husband, Bob, who had never been around horses prior to moving to Aiken, could teach a horse a trick, and find a wonderful way to spend some of his retirement time!

Come visit Aiken Equine Rescue, just for the view. You be glad you did. We sure are!

Linda Magliola

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Don't Know Anything About Horses But Love Them Anyway? or Musings From A Transplanted New Yorker

Musings From A Transplanted New Yorker

My name is Linda Magliola, my husband Bob and I have been volunteering at the rescue for about 2 years.  

I took this picture of Buddy and Hollywood and caught Buddy just right.  I have this hanging on a wall in my home.  


We are from New York and have never been around horses, we are city folk.  After retiring to Aiken we wanted to get involve with a worthy cause and Aiken Rescue was it.  

I always loved horses thinking they were such majestic animals.  It is so peaceful and almost spiritual at the rescue, we enjoying being there.  

The past two years usually Bob and I  have been the only two people on Wednesday doing chores.  The past two months three other people have been showing up on Wednesdays and it has made things a lot easier for us.

Aiken Equine Rescue always welcomes volunteers. You don't have to know anything about horses to help out . For a list of some of our volunteer needs go to our website and click on our Volunteer page. We have a list of needs under Volunteer Interest.